Project overview

The  goal of the Multi-Platform Application Toolkit (MPAT) is to open up the emerging possibilities of hbyrid TV to content producers, by providing an easy-to-use authoring tool for the creation of interactive multimedia applications. The project is on the one hand focusing on delivering essential tools to create basic applications while on the other hand the system can be expanded with 3rd party plugins to enlarge the functional possibilities and also templates to enhance the visual and navigational experience. MPAT_TVMotivated by a WordPress-like technical and business approach, MPAT makes application development affordable and sustainable while creating a new eco-system for content creators, theme and plug-in developers alike.

With MPAT, media companies can semi-automatically author their set of customised applications that are then populated with content by the editorial staff or by linking MPAT to existing content management solutions. The open-source MPAT core will provide all the essential features to create compelling multi-screen experiences for HbbTV and other HTML5-based devices. The Consortium comprises key stakeholders from the HbbTV and media domain who will jointly deliver a sound and close-to-market solution thoroughly validated through an exhaustive set of pilots. The aim of the project is to develop a modular platform to create and edit multi-screen applications for programme-related interaction for TV, video on-demand and OTT content.MPAT_TV2

Applications relating to the TV and video content should be usable on any device at any time, allowing a seamless transition from the live TV experience to on-demand consumption. So whether the content is viewed in a live linear broadcast environment or as on-demand content, the user experience is always appropriately adapted to the context.

MPAT will create the technical core as well as the business foundation for a new ecosystem focussing on the design and creation of attractive TV multiscreen applications. The main advantage of MPAT is that it is extensible in two dimensions: plug-ins for building additional features and themes for designing the look and functionality of the application. The entire concept fully builds upon established and ever-developing standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, plus HbbTV as an extension for the TV domain.