MPAT – The easy way to build HbbTV apps

Currently, HbbTV applications mostly require customized implementations. The cost for doing so can usually be justified for large HbbTV applications, but not for smaller, theme or programme specific sites or subsites. Additionally, appropriate tools for building HbbTV apps, without the need for technical knowledge and programming skills of HbbTV, are missing in the market.

MPAT (Multi Platform Application Toolkit) is based on the web-page creation tool WordPress and allows users to easily create HbbTV apps from scratch or pre-built templates. It targets content creators, specifically broadcasters and producers of TV programmes.




Open-Source Content-Management-System for HbbTV apps based on WordPress

Build apps from scratch or use reference applications designed for broadcast

Tested against common smart TV devices in the market

Available as hosted (SaaS) or local installation

Supports and integrates with already existing broadcaster’s CMS

MPAT is an European project with partners from the media industry and academic research funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme. By now several pilot applications from public and private broadcasters in Germany and Italy have proven, MPAT is capable of delivering the needs of its customers. It will be developed further after the end of the project to foster a new ecosystem for HbbTV apps with plugins & themes from 3rd party developers.

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