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HD Forum Italia

The annual HD Forum Italia Conference, which took place in Vatican City on the 6th and 7th of october, was the perfect opportunity to present MPAT project to the biggest players on the italian broadcasting stage.


The main goals of the conference were to discuss the adoption and standardization of technologies such as 4K, HDR and HFR in the production, packaging and distribution of medias contents and to present the latest revision of the HD book, which defines the guidelines for interactive TV implementation in the italian environment. In this regard, the adoption of HbbTV 2.0.1 in place of MHP was confirmed.

MPAT partners had the chance to launch the first italian MPAT-based application, hosted by Fincons, on a real on-air signal on channel “La5” by Mediaset. An anonymous data collection was set up to better describe the current presence of HbbTV devices in Italy. Furthermore, Mediaset and Fincons were able to directly talk to representatives of major TV manufacturers about their short term plans for italian market. The outcomes, in addition to collected data, were encouraging for the incoming pilot phase.

HD Forum Italia Conference – Save the date! October 6th

“Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers” is the topic of the annual HD Forum Italia Conference organized in partnership with the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See. Passing through is the concept that links past and future, by taking into account a decade of evolution involving technological and market scenarios, comparison with international bodies and institutions, creation of working groups of supranational profiles, the realization of the HD Book collection that gathers the Italian specifications for broadband and broadcast television. The HD Forum Italia event will attract leading representatives of the world’s technological communities – focusing on models of production and on latest scientific and technical solutions in the field of broadcasting and reception of the television signal. The Conference will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the HDFI Association, offering important topics of discussion, starting from the experience of the Vatican Television Center in the field. Mediaset and Fincons will be present with an MPAT demo and a prototype app showing current status and potential of the project to all professionals and technical operators participating in the event.



ACM TVX 2016 in Chicago

The ACM international conference on interactive experiences for television and online video took place in Chicago from the June 22-24. As the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences, the call for papers attracted submissions from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Also MPAT was presented during a meeting and received positive feedback.

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The Digital2016 conference and exhibition took place at The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales on the 6-7th of June. The event was filled with inspiring talks from, for example, Google, Twitter and Microsoft bringing together over 2,000 delegates from a wide range of industry sectors. In addition, Leadin gave a speech about “The Future of Interactive TV”, which demonstrated how MPAT could provide innovative means for interaction between viewers and broadcasters. Lancaster University also attended the event providing insight into the discussion following the presentation.

The Future of Interactive TV


FKTG Expert Conference

The 27th edition of the FKTG expert conference took place in Leipzig from the 9-11 May, where leading companies of the media sector disseminate their new and upcoming products. In this context Fraunhofer FOKUS gave a speech about the MPAT platform as well as some practical insights in their current work.

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24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop

The HbbTV Association in association with IRT hosted the 24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop, which took place on April 13th and 14th at IRT headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Blazing the trail for new compelling applications, the first HbbTV 2.0 prototypes are being tested incorporating new features such as DASH, HEVC, synchronisation of companion devices and many more. The event provides the possibility for manufacturers to ensure that they implemented new functionalities according to the standard, but also gives application developers the chance to test the maturity of their features on different devices, in order to guarantee the best possible user experience.

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As part of the workshop, IRT provides live feeds with HbbTV signals via satellite, cable and terrestrial plus test signals throughout the two day event. Additionally, the HbbTV Testing Group held a testing event the following two days to review and approve new materials for the HbbTV Test Suite which will be open to all HbbTV members.  With this in mind the project of MPAT is looking to forward to the new possibilities of the updated version of the standard.

“The response to past Interoperability Workshops has been very positive and we’re looking forward to growing participation,” stated Klaus Illgner, Chairman of the HbbTV Association, “Earlier workshops have been attended by developer companies from all over Western Europe and we’re looking forward to making this one a success.”




EC Cluster Meeting in Brussels

The day started out with an Info Day on call ICT-19-2017, which was followed by a poster session in which all current project in the ‘Converging Media and Content’ unit were presenting. Later in the afternoon, the six new H2020 projects (MPAT, ImmersiaTV, 2-Immerse, InVID, Cognitius and Visualmedia) also presented themselves the closing session.

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