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NZZ covers 360° for Smart TVs (piloted by MPAT)

As part of their IFA coverage, the Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ) has published an article about the playout of 360° video content on regular Smart TVs:
(Article in german language only)

In the final paragraph, the article mentions that a successful public test with a 360° video has been  done at in late 2016″the end of 2016. This test the article refers to was the “BAND CAMP BERLIN” applications, which was created with MPAT and had featured a 360° video showing the “making of” the music video of the bend featured in the TV series.

rbb presents MPAT at IFA in Berlin

MPAT partner rbb is showing MPAT at the Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin!

Here is the press release:
(Original press release was in German language, translation is given below.)

Wir zeigen unsere neuesten Projektentwicklungen wieder in der Digitalen Welt der ARD, in Halle 2.2:

SmartTV einfach gemacht – MPAT

Interaktives Fernsehen und Zusatz-Apps im besten Sinne „alltäglich zu machen“ – daran arbeiten wir im aktuellen EU-Projekt MPAT mit unseren europäischen Partnern. In den vergangenen 12 Monaten haben wir mit deren Hilfe drei Anwendungen für BAND CAMP BERLIN, Brandenburg aktuell und Täter Opfer Polizei zusammen mit rbb-Redaktionen erstellt und veröffentlicht.

Die Anwendungen zeigen, wie Webinhalte, zusätzliche Streams oder 360° Videos auf den Fernsehbildschirm geholt werden können. MPAT ist ein Werkzeugkasten, mit dessen Hilfe Redakteurinnen und Redakteure einfach und kostengünstig solche Anwendungen für SmartTVs erstellen können.

An unserem Stand in der Digitalen Welt präsentieren wir dieses Toolkit und die drei Pilot-Anwendungen.  Wir demonstrieren, wie in MPAT Anwendungen erstellt werden können und erklären bei Bedarf, wie das System betrieben und in die Programm-Workflows eingebunden werden kann.


We are showing our newest product developments once again in the “Digital World of ARD” in Hall 2.2.

SmartTV made simple – MPAT

Making interactive TV and additional apps literally part of the “everyday experience” is something we work on in the MPAT project together with our European partners. With their support, our rbb editorial department built and published three applications (BAND CAMP BERLIN, Brandenburg aktuell and Täter Opfer Polizei) in the last twelve months.

The applications show how web content, additional streams or 360° videos can be brought to the TV screen. MPAT is a toolkit that helps content editors to create applications for Smart TV easily and cost effective.

At our booth at the “Digital World of ARD”, we are presenting this toolkit and the three pilot applications. We demonstrate how to create MPAT applications and explain to interested visitors, how the system is operated and how it can be integrated into the programme workflow of a broadcaster..

Fifth project meeting @ Mediaset

MPAT had its fifth full project meeting at the premises of Mediaset in Milano.

grouppic2The primary goal of the meeting was to take the experiences from the first two application pilots and plan for the final improvements of MPAT (within the lifetime of the EU project) to support the next pilot phase in September.

While previous activities were primarily aimed at providing additional application features, this round of improvements strongly focusses on a better integration into the editorial day-to-day requirements of content creators in a broadcast environment. While the changes will be mostly transparent to viewers at home, they will make the work with MPAT easier and more efficient for the content creator by providing shortcuts, more powerful editing functions, faster application preview and the automatization of page updates.

MPAT on Digital Storytelling

In conjunction with TVX 2017 ( there will be a “Workshop on Interactive Storytelling in Broadcasting” (

SlideFlow_04One of the presenters and panelists on that workshop will be Nicolas Patz, who will talk about “Interactive Storytelling on HbbTV”. In his presentation he will use Band Camp Berlin application (created with MPAT) to demonstrate the use of the “Slide Flow” navigation model for providing a narrative flow in an HbbTV application, in this case telling about the making of a music video by a young pop band.

The workshop will be in Hilversum in the afternoon of June 14th, 2017.


Third public MPAT pilot live

From the outset of the project, it was essential that the MPAT tool would not just be used in the testing labs, but that pilots would take place in a broadcast environment under real production conditions.1

While the specifics of the pilots couldn’t be foreseen when the project was planned, as the project has no influence on broadcast schedules, the opportunity arose to have an early pilot providing an HbbTV application for the Band Camp Berlin series.

Band Camp Berlin is was a daily documentary soap, broadcast on KI.KA, Germany’s nationwide public service TV channel for children. It aired from 21 November to 22 December 2016. (It will be re-broadcast in Summer 2017) Five 17 year olds were cast to form a band, compose their own music, create their own style and take their newly-formed band on stage.

A supporting HbbTV application was created, which covered, showcased and tested a wide range of the features provided by MPAT, including a traditional “view previous episodes” and interview archive, a connected slide flow application sequentially guiding viewers through the stages of creating the band’s first mIMG_3383usic video (from the choice of the song, the planning and selection of their outfits, to setting up the stage, to the actual shoot of the music clip) and special features like a sing and play “karaoke” feature, as well as the first public 360° video playout for Smart TVs.)

Following the successful first pilot, rbb started a second pilot.

“Brandenburg Aktuell” is a daily regional magazine, produced and broadcast by rbb. It provides news and information about events in the state of Brandenburg. It was first broadcast on May, 2nd 1992.

For the 25th anniversary of the magazine, a special HbbTV application was launched, allowing viewers to watch supplementary video material, such as the first episode of “Brandenburg Aktuell”, behind the scenes videos and highlights from the 25 year run. The application was promoted as part of the regular magazine broadcast, providing a link between the TV programme and the additional material.

As an MPAT use case, it is a good example for the value of the MPAT tool. While a 25th anniversary of a regional magazine is a success for a broadcaster, it is usually not 2considered a significantly large event to justify the creation of a specific application. The comparatively low cost and low effort due to producing the application with MPAT enabled this.

In the third pilot rbb is testing a SmartTV application for  Täter – Opfer – Polizei (Culprit – Victim – Police), a magazine broadcast twice a week covering real crimes, including crime prevention advice and the police requests to the public for help in finding suspects and information about criminal activities. The application which offers video clips and information from the TV program was launched on 24 May and will remain on air until early June. Following a summer hiatus the application will hopefully become a constant addition to the series when it returns in autumn.

MPAT @ FOKUS Web Symposium

The 6th FOKUS Media Web Symposium (MWS) takes place at the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin on the 16th and 17th may. Experts and sponsors from the international media scene are invited to discuss current trends and technologies.

It offers the latest insights in internet delivered media such as 360°/VR Streaming, multiscreen interaction, media sync, SmartTV/HbbTV, protected adaptive streaming, related standardization and market developments. As you can see MPAT is also part of the show.

Image uploaded from iOSImage uploaded from iOS (1)

For more information on the event please visit

MPAT @ EBU Broadthinking

Cyril Concolato, from Telecom ParisTech, was present at EBU Broadthinking in Geneva on May 3rd and 4th to present a demo of MPAT results. During the five demo slots, Cyril showed the Band Camp HbbTV pilot designed last year and the currently running Brandenburg Aktuell pilot designed in past weeks; he also showed the most recent version of the MPAT HbbTV editor. Interested parties included European broadcasters and TV manufacturers.



MPAT pilot goes on air on public TV

The “Brandenburg aktuell” app, which is broadcasted by RBB from the 1st to 7th may. was teased in a local news show. The TV magazine, which reports about current events in the state of Brandenburg, Germany, celebrates its 25th anniversary. The app includes different videos from the history of the show, which are unlocked successively on a daily basis.  An easy task for the MPAT tool!

RBB TeaserIMG_3383–geburtstag.html (german page)

28th HbbTV Interop Workshop in Munich @ IRT

The workshop took place on the 29th and 30th March at the premises of IRT. In total 13 hardware and set-top-box manufacturers as well as platform developers took part in the recurring event hosted by the HbbTV consortium.

aussen2016-11-23 15.16.18

The purpose was to make prototypes ready for the 2.0 standard, which gave a lot of oppurtunities to test new features such as  companion screen features, advert insertion and multi-stream synchronisation. The features were provided by 15 application developers who want to push their developments to the market as soon as possible showing the compelling possibilities of the major standard update. MPAT was also part of the tests and revealed that it is compatible to the new 2.0 prototype devices.