MPAT is on the road again!

After successful demonstrations in September and October, RBB will present MPAT twice in November, too: at Changing the Picture in Potsdam on the 18th and at Forum Medientage in St. Pölten on the 23rd.


Changing the Picture is an annual Technology Conference at the internationally renowned Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam, Germany showcasing the newest technologies shaping content production and distribution for TV, cinema and internet. The international participants are professionals from the film, TV and digital production sectors. Next to outstanding key notes and interactive networking opportunities the conference also offers a perspective of future trends in state-of-the-art media technologies through showcases and workshops. One of these workshops will feature two in-depth information and hands-on sessions for TV professionals to experience how easy and convenient it can be to create an HbbTV application with MPAT.

Register now for Tech Session 1: Collaborative Production at

A few days later, three days after the start of the public pilot on German TV (HbbTV@KIKA), RBB will present and demonstrate the highly interactive new play-along feature at the All Around Audio Symposium.


Next to an introduction to the project objectives the focus will be on how adolescent viewers can interact with music programmes in front of the TV set. The invitation states that “Although audio has not abandoned its status as a standalone discipline, its trans-disciplinary participation at the conception and design of products and environments has become more and more essential. In this sense, All Around Audio is not only addressed to specialists of the audio domain, but particularly encourages researchers and designers from other fields to participate in the symposium in order to identify new trans-disciplinary intersections and fields of interest for future collaborations and building a scientific network.”


Join us in St. Pölten (near Vienna, Austria) and/or Babelsberg (near Berlin, Germany)

– Both events will be in English.