HD Forum Italia Conference – Save the date! October 6th

“Passing through: communication and technology beyond frontiers” is the topic of the annual HD Forum Italia Conference organized in partnership with the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See. Passing through is the concept that links past and future, by taking into account a decade of evolution involving technological and market scenarios, comparison with international bodies and institutions, creation of working groups of supranational profiles, the realization of the HD Book collection that gathers the Italian specifications for broadband and broadcast television. The HD Forum Italia event will attract leading representatives of the world’s technological communities – focusing on models of production and on latest scientific and technical solutions in the field of broadcasting and reception of the television signal. The Conference will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the HDFI Association, offering important topics of discussion, starting from the experience of the Vatican Television Center in the field. Mediaset and Fincons will be present with an MPAT demo and a prototype app showing current status and potential of the project to all professionals and technical operators participating in the event.