24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop

The HbbTV Association in association with IRT hosted the 24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop, which took place on April 13th and 14th at IRT headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Blazing the trail for new compelling applications, the first HbbTV 2.0 prototypes are being tested incorporating new features such as DASH, HEVC, synchronisation of companion devices and many more. The event provides the possibility for manufacturers to ensure that they implemented new functionalities according to the standard, but also gives application developers the chance to test the maturity of their features on different devices, in order to guarantee the best possible user experience.

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As part of the workshop, IRT provides live feeds with HbbTV signals via satellite, cable and terrestrial plus test signals throughout the two day event. Additionally, the HbbTV Testing Group held a testing event the following two days to review and approve new materials for the HbbTV Test Suite which will be open to all HbbTV members.  With this in mind the project of MPAT is looking to forward to the new possibilities of the updated version of the standard.

“The response to past Interoperability Workshops has been very positive and we’re looking forward to growing participation,” stated Klaus Illgner, Chairman of the HbbTV Association, “Earlier workshops have been attended by developer companies from all over Western Europe and we’re looking forward to making this one a success.”