MPAT Poster Presentation at EU Event in Brussels

MPAT is present at the Media Projects Workshop in Brussels today (Oct, 17th).

The workshop is named “Collaborating Towards the Future of Media” and MPAT is showing a poster at the “Poster Presentation” session of the event.

MPAT is in a quite different situation compared to Cluster Meeting in March 2016 (and should be). Back then, MPAT was just starting up and talking about concepts, now MPAT (as an EU activity) is three months before the end, so we can talk more about MPAT created applications that are on the air.

This maturity of MPAT and the applications created with it is also reflected in a last minute change to the poster – namely the addition of “Shortlisted for an HbbTV award” label to three of the applications shown on the poster.  MPAT applications are not only on the air, but broadcasters are sufficiently fond of them to put them forward to be considered for an industry award evaluation.