Final full MPAT Project Meeting in Lancaster

From October 25th to 27th, MPAT had its sixth and final full project meeting.

With the EU funded period of MPAT coming to a close, the meeting was primarily
devoted to two topics – the documentation of the activities and results of the
projects in the remaining deliverables and the planning and preparation of the
MPAT workshop in December 2017 at the IRT premises in München.

This was presumably the last time the full MPAT group met in this configuration,
so after working almost two years together, it was a bit of a bittersweet event.

While partners will certainly continue to work together on MPAT and other activities
in the future and some of the people present will gather again for the workshop
and also for the final review meeting, this Lancaster meeting provided a last
chance for face-to-face activities and rounding off the last rough edges of
the project in intense discussions, activities and planing for the next months..

One the second project meeting, back in March 2016 in Saariselkä, Finland,
we used a drone to take a kind of “group picture”. So it seemed appropriate
to do a “drone version” of the last project meeting group picture as well.

MPAT Showcase at Medientage München

Medientage München is a high-profile event for the European media industry, aiming to fill the
“convergence of media and technology” with life, to establish networks and business contacts,
to stimulate initiatives and support for cross-media dialogue.

The Medientage München 2017 had more than 6000 visitors, featuring more than 400 speakers
and 80 exhibitors showing innovative products and solutions.

One of these exhibits, jointly josted by Fraunhofer Fokus und IRT was the HbbTV Application Toolkit,
built by the MPAT project, to create HbbTV applications easily.

The exhibit was focused on the editing tool itself and the functions it provides for the content creator.

Band Camp Berlin application wins HbbTV Award!

MPAT is now officially a tool for creating award winning applications!

At the HbbTV Symposium in Rome, the 2017 inaugural HbbTV Awards were presented in seven categories.

Three MPAT created applications were entered in the category “Best use of HbbTV for broadcast enhancement“. All of them made the shortlist.
And the  “Band Camp Berlin” application, created by rbb did win the award!

Nico Patz accepted the trophy for rbb at the HbbTV Awards ceremony.

MPAT attendees at the HbbTV Symposium were more than happy with the result!


HbbTV Symposium in Rome – Day 1

While the EU “Future of Media” workshop is going on in Brussels, there’s another important event for MPAT going on in Rome.

The two-day HbbTV Symposium started there today.

While the MPAT presentation will be held tomorrow by Simona Tonoli from Mediaset and Miggi Zwicklbauer from Fraunhofer FOKUS,  the MPAT booth was already showcasing the project today.

And Mediaset (together with Fincons) was also promoting MPAT and MPAT applications in the event brochure.



MPAT Poster Presentation at EU Event in Brussels

MPAT is present at the Media Projects Workshop in Brussels today (Oct, 17th).

The workshop is named “Collaborating Towards the Future of Media” and MPAT is showing a poster at the “Poster Presentation” session of the event.

MPAT is in a quite different situation compared to Cluster Meeting in March 2016 (and should be). Back then, MPAT was just starting up and talking about concepts, now MPAT (as an EU activity) is three months before the end, so we can talk more about MPAT created applications that are on the air.

This maturity of MPAT and the applications created with it is also reflected in a last minute change to the poster – namely the addition of “Shortlisted for an HbbTV award” label to three of the applications shown on the poster.  MPAT applications are not only on the air, but broadcasters are sufficiently fond of them to put them forward to be considered for an industry award evaluation.

MPAT applications shortlisted for HbbTV Award

Applications from rbb and Mediaset have been shortlisted for the HbbTV Award!

The Awards recognise those companies that demonstrate the best adoption of HbbTV, with the theme: HbbTV: Technical Excellence, Commercial Advantage

Applications shortlisted in the category ‘Best use of HbbTV for broadcast enhancement’ are “Band Camp Berlin” and “Täter Opfer Polizei” from rbb and “TGCOM24/Sportmediset/METEO” from Mediaset, all created with MPAT.

The HbbTV Awards Ceremony  will be on the 17th of October 2017.

Wish us luck!

MPAT will be at HbbTV Symposium in Rome

Miggi Zwicklbauer from Fraunhofer FOKUS and Simona Tonoli from Mediaset will
be presenting MPAT at the HbbTV Symposium in Rome (17th and 18th October 2017).

Their joint presentation called “How to create HbbTV without programming one line of code”
will be held in the “Tools and Techniques for Developing Quality Applications”
sessions on the 18th of October at 15:00.

In addition to the presentation at the HbbTV Symposium, Mediaset will also
have a booth at the “Ultra HD Forum Italia” event, which is co-located with the
HbbTV Symposium. At the booth, Simona and Miggi will showcase MPAT and applications
created with MPAT.