Creation of programme-related interactive content

MPAT will ease the creation of interactive content with a contextual link to live or non-live TV content. Therefore MPAT will provide an interface for editors to define synchronisation points between the AV content and the media application UI.

Seamless transition between live and on-demand AV

MPAT will simplify re-purposing of content by automatically creating media applications that work for live as well as on-demand, without the need for any re-building of the actual application.

Multi-screen support

MPAT will allow editors to easily enhance their applications with multi-screen functionalities. Application launch will allow the consumer to remotely start an application from one device on another device. App-to-app communication will allow information exchange between applications running on different devices.


MPAT will be open-source and free for everybody to use and to modify. A detailed documentation of the source code of MPAT Core will ease customisation. Additionally it will be complemented by Themes and Plug-Ins.